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Mood Ring Colors and Meanings For Your Mood

October 2nd, 2012 Ring, Wedding
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mood ring colors and meaningsMood ring colors and meanings is one of a unique ring. This ring can influence our mood and it has some color, which makes it more joyful to wear. This ring is suitable for kids or teen ages. This ring is not made from expensive material, but it is beautiful to see and wear. Some colors of this ring will change in along day. Wearing this ring can be an interesting experience for your kids. However, if you want, an adult is also allowed to use this ring.

As we already said above, the color of this ring can change when we wear it. It is like a magic on your finger. The changes color of mood ring is affected by your own body temperature in every time. A mood ring is made from a stone or a glass, which can be called as thermos liquid crystal. It can change depend on your body temperature. If your body temperature is changing, the crystal of your mood ring will react in some colors. if you want to understand more about this ring, continue reading this article about mood ring colors and meanings.


Mood Ring Colors and Meanings in Explanation

mood ring colors and meaningsTo know more about some meanings behind colors as mood ring colors and meanings aspect, we can start from black color. If your mood ring colors change into black, it means you are tense, and your mood is bad. Your mood connects to stress, anger, and negative energies. If your ring turn white, it means you are tired, bored, and confusion. For blue color, it means the wearer in relaxed condition, happy, and peaceful. Furthermore, if you get red color, you are in active situation, excited, thrilled, want some adventures. Brown color on your ring means you are nervous on something, or you can want some rebellion on your situation.

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Whenever you get a violet red on your mood ring, it can be a symbol that you feel down and hopelessness. On the other situation, if you get orange it means that you want something in your life and you are desperate about that. In addition, if your mood ring is turning blue violet, it means you are in happy situation and feel romantic. There are many more colors and meaning in a mood ring colors and meanings, we can explain that all for you. If you are curious, just buy this ring and having your own experience.


Mood Ring Colors and Meanings in Changing

If you are too curious about the color changing on this ring, you should try these. You can put your mood ring into a place then rub it with some ice cubes. Your mood ring will change dark black color. It is caused you change the temperature of your mood ring in extreme way. A black itself means you stress or getting sick. On the other way, you can put your mood ring into a glass of water in room temperature. Your mood ring will turn into yellow. It is caused by water in room temperature has cooler temperature than our body. Now, your duty is, buy this ring and feel the mood ring colors and meanings!


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